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About vision therapy

While many vision problems can be corrected with glasses or contact lenses, that’s not always the case. There are certain ocular and visyal disorders that require vision therapy—a doctor-supervised program that helps train the visual system to correct itself based on the science of neuro-plasticity. Think of it as physical therapy for the whole visual system—from the eyes to the brain. Lazy eye, crossed eyes, and double vision may be treated with this highly effective, non-invasive treatment. Many students diagnosed with reading and learning disabilities have benefited from vision therapy. Adults with a long history of reading difficulties and eye strain can also be helped.

Experts say that about 80% of what a child learns comes through the eyes. Reading, seeing the chalkboard, and using a computer are all part of the typical school day. Unfortunately, according to the American Optometric Association, about 25% of all children have undiagnosed vision problems not detectable by a simple school eye chart test. This has led to some children incorrectly being diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. An undiagnosed ocular vision problem can lead to things like trouble finishing written assignments, a short attention span when doing close work, or having a problem reading (losing their place, skipping words, etc.).

Adults at work often notice eye strain from working at their computer despite wearing glasses. When glasses are ineffective, vision therapy can help solve the problem.

Typical comments from our patients

"Before vision therapy, I would always get headaches, eyestrain, and my eyes would feel very weak by the end of the day. After vision therapy, I no longer get headaches or eyestrain and my eyes feel great all day long. Even in school and when I do homework my eyes donít get tired like they usually would. Thank you, you have made school and just getting through the day so much easier."

"I am 13 years old. I just completed vision therapy with Dr. Rummel for my learning-related vision problems. Before I had vision therapy I had a lot of trouble reading. I never wanted to read because it was so uncomfortable and difficult. I had dizzy spells and I was always fatigued. When I read, letters on the page would jumble, and I was constantly losing my place. I had headaches and it felt like my eyes werenít focusing. Since Iíve had vision therapy, my vision has really improved. I am able to see words more clearly and I donít lose my place when reading as much. I can read more quickly and I donít feel so tired all the time. I can see things more clearly, all of my dizzy spells are gone and I donít get headaches as frequently. I really enjoy reading now."

"I wanted to take the time to thank you for the excellent care you gave me. Until I was diagnosed by you, I had no clue that my eyes were not working properly. Over the years, not one doctor would diagnose me appropriately until I landed in your office one day — and not a moment too soon! I had severe headaches, trouble focusing, blurred vision, trouble concentrating, double vision — Wow what a mess! You suggested vision therapy and I am so happy I took your advice. Gone are my headaches. I feel like everything around me visually has opened up. I definitely see more clearly"

"I had trouble working since I would lose my place reading or analyzing numbers. I had to use a ruler and could not work as fast as I used to. My visual memory was also poor. My eyes seemed to have trouble bringing objects at a distance into focus. After completing vision therapy I can truly 'see' a huge difference in my visual abilities. I can now one again glide through numbers on pages without losing my place or becoming disoriented. Thank you for whipping my eye muscles back into shape."

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